Become a Volunteer Grace Guardian

Our volunteer Grace Guardians operate remotely, leveraging their computers to offer aid to individuals in need. Volunteers engage in diverse conversations spanning employment assistance, housing solutions, mental health support, and family assistance services. Through their steadfast commitment, these volunteers play a pivotal role in aiding veterans transitioning to civilian life.

Free Grace Guardian Training

Becoming a Grace Guardian volunteer entails participation in our complimentary online training program. Over 30 hours, you'll hone skills in resume proofreading, financial planning, and mental health assistance. Whether you are at home or at the coffee shop, you can complete the training at your convenience. Following training, volunteers dedicate four hours per week until accumulating 200 hours, ideally within a year.

Mental health training an important part to volunteering with Graceguard.org. Volunteers receive comprehensive guidance to effectively support those in need, comprehending a spectrum of mental health challenges. The training equips Grace Guardians with techniques for managing complex emotions, nurturing well-being, and implementing evidence-based interventions. Armed with these resources, volunteers deliver compassionate and top-notch support to individuals reaching out for assistance.

While the primary focus is on aiding others, volunteering with Graceguard.org also fosters personal development. Many volunteers utilize the training to bolster their own emotional well-being, with many reporting the application of learned skills to address personal challenges. Through volunteering, individuals cultivate the capacity to recognize and navigate stress, anxiety, and depression, thereby fostering resilience and emotional wellness.